Your Bookkeeping Health Check

With the emergence of cloud 澳门赌场官网 the media often spruiks that bookkeeping is a dying art, however it’s simply not right. At the core of every business is a need for up-to-date information, and informed decision making, to ensure success and long term sustainability.

The integrity of this data is also more important now than ever before, as the Australian 税 Office can fact check multiple sources – ride share platforms, AUSTRAC澳门官方赌场, and 税able Payment Annual 报告 are just a few areas of national monitoring. So what should you look for to ensure your bookkeeping is keeping you compliant, but also helping you make informed decisions?

  • 银行账户
    • Are your accounts being reconciled on at least a monthly basis?
    • Is your reconciliation report checked back to the statement balance on bank accounts to ensure all transactions have fed through online bank feeds?
  • 应付账款
    • How long have your bills been ‘outstanding’? Are they paid, or duplicated?
    • Are you paying your accounts within their due dates – e.g. are you capturing the information in a timely manner, and paying accounts payable often enough that you’re meeting your obligations? 
  • 应收账款
    • Are you issuing your invoices in a timely manner? 
    • Are you following up on outstanding, unpaid, invoices? 
  • 工资
    • Is your payroll process documented, so that if your bookkeeper is unwell someone else can step in?
    • Is your superannuation paid through an attached clearing house, 比如Xero, to ensure streamlined reporting? This is going to be even more important come 1 July 2026 when super guarantee will need to be paid as staff are paid. 
  • 报告
    • Are the 报告 you use favourited? 
    • Do you review the 报告 and understand the basics on the Profit and Loss, 及资产负债表, 报告? There may be other 报告 that are important to review – and your Accountant can help you set these up, 他们最喜欢的, and help fill in any gaps of understanding. 
  • 资产负债表
    • Does your GST and Pay-as-you-go-withholding reflect reasonable amounts compared to your Activity Statements at the end of the quarter?
    • Does your wages payable account regularly clear to zero once payments are made? A high balance here can indicate the incorrect recording of wages paid. 
    • Is your superannuation payable account current amounts? E.g., no more than 1 quarter outstanding. 

It’s important to have a 工作ing relationship with your bookkeeper with regular communication, whether they’re in house or external. If you have queries about your 澳门赌场官网 file health, contact your local Accru 办公室讨论. 

Fiona Ettles , Accru霍巴特
Fiona is enthusiastic about informing and reassuring clients of their financial position, be it in regard to the value of their businesses, 或者他们的纳税申报表. She enjoys 工作ing with clients to understand their problems, consider solutions and implement plans to better their lives, whether this be in the short or long term.
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